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Skin Care Services

We offer a unique and luxurious experience that can be enjoyed by all. With the variety of skin care services available, you can customize your experience to target your own specific skin care needs.

Our Services

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30-Min Signature Hydrafacial

Deeply cleanse, extract, and hydrate the skin through our super serums filed with antioxidants, peptides, and hyaluronic acid

  • 1 treatment— $199
  • 4 treatments—$716(796 value)
  • 6 treatments—$1,015 ($1,194 value)
  • 12 treatments —$1795 ($2,388 value)

45-Min Deluxe Hydrafacial

These invigorating treatments include all the essentials of the signature Hydrafacial while addressing specific skin concerns through Hydrafacial’s boosters and protocols .



  • 1 treatment—$295
  • 4 treatments — $1,120 ($1.180value)
  • 6 treatments — $1,595 ($1,770 value)
  • 12 treatments — $2,830 ($3,540 value)


Add a Britenol Boost to minimize the appearance of dark spots.

  • 1 treatment — $250
  • 4 treatments — $950 ($1,300 value)
  • 6 treatments — $1,350 ($1,950 value)
  • 12 treatments — $2,400 ($3,900 value )


Add a Dermabuilder boost to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

  • 1 treatment — $250
  • 4 treatments — $950 ($1,000 value)
  • 6 treatments — $1,350 ($1,500 value)
  • 12 treatments — $2,400 ($3,000 value )


Extended extractions and add blue LED Light therapy to remove congestion .

  • 1 treatment — $225
  • 4 treatments — $855 ($900 value)
  • 6 treatments — $1,215 ($1,350 value)
  • 12 treatments — $1,160 ($2,700 value )

60-Min Platinum Hydrafacial

The ultimate HydraFacial experience, begin the detoxification process with Lymphatic Drainage , Follow with the signature HydraFacial to deeply cleanse, extract the skin. Address specific skin concerns with a booster of your choice. This treatment concludes with LED Light therapy to further reduce the visible signs of aging

  • 1 treatment — $325
  • 4 treatments — $1,235 ($1,300 value)
  • 6 treatments — $1,755 ($1,500 value)
  • 12 treatments — $3,120 ($3,900 value )

Vegetal Peel Facial

35 min treatment $85

Perfect for when time is tight but your skin is begging for some much needed attention. A great pick me up between regular spa visits.

Organic Facial


Organic , nutrient -rich ,multi -function formulas are custom blended and enhanced with Brian stone Gus Sha massage to Breathe life into skin as meditation or selflove uplift the soul

Aromatherapy Facial

50 minute treatment $175

This luxurious facial combines the healing properties of aromatherapy and the restorative benefits of an all natural and organic skin product that caters to all skin types, even the most sensitive. This luscious treatment includes the following sequence: Overall deep cleansing, hot compresses, facial massage, and two distinctive face masks, followed by a gentle hand and foot massage.

European Facial

50 minute treatment $175

A complete facial in which we treat every need of your skin, from cleansing to rebalancing, followed by hot compresses and extractions. The result is pure healthy skin that glows with the radiance of its own.

Detox Facial

50 minute treatment $180

The most luxurious remedy. This facial goes to the rescue of the skin that has been damaged by sun exposure and environmental pollution. Consider it as "First Aid" for dull, dehydrated skin. Pore cleansing releases toxins, and moisture is replenished with a customized mask and ampoule. The result is a perfect balance of softness and radiance.


30 min treatment $90

This is a non-surgical procedure desirable for overall skin resurfacing, creating smooth, younger-looking skin. Totally safe, pain-free and requiring no recuperative time, microdermabrasion has been conclusively proven to dramatically and visibly reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, uneven skin tone, acne and acne scars, sun damage, and minor scars.



Lactic acid, salicylic and glycol acid are great add ons to any facial.

What our customers are saying

"Truly a gem on Route 1."

“My friend and I went for the Hammam Express together and it was so rewarding. She really went to work on my skin, and it's so smooth now. And nothing beats the refreshing feeling of hot steam while drinking some ice cold sparking water. I had gone to visit a hammam when I was in Morocco, and this experience was just as good! Truly a gem on Route 1. Thank you!”

- Kell S.

"Definitely returning. Often."

“Amazing, relaxing, rejuvenating experience. Owner and staff are just the best. This hammam experience was even better than the one I had in Marrakesh. So excited we found this incredible little gem of a place! Definitely returning. Often.”

- High Rise Wellness Services

"You'll be glad you went here!"

“This spa experience was extremely relaxing and felt amazing. The women working there were very attentive when applying the treatments and during the exfoliation. The spa is very clean and the atmosphere is very calming. I especially enjoyed the sauna and the exfoliation parts of my session. I walked out feeling like a new person. You'll be glad you went here!”

- Christie L.

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